About Kids Hub

Nestled on an idyllic campus at 127 Falcon St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Kids Hub is a Not For Profit Organisation dedicated to excellence in the classroom.

Our mighty staff of educators and financial advisors are here to assist you in finding the perfect program for your gifted student.

Educational Excellence and Research Quality Education Excellence are the key element in each private school’s strategic plan. It is comprised of several aspects, namely, staff development, student learning, and classroom management skills. The educational resources that are developed need to be utilized to supplement these components. Educational excellence involves the implementation of a strategic plan that ensures the entire school district adheres to specific policies and guidelines based on theieties of academic quality and research results. The strategic policies include:

Professional Development is a key component of education, and it encompasses a wide range of educational processes, which include learning, instructional design, teaching methods, and the application of concepts to a particular subject area. Professional development for teachers includes subject area competence, instructional design with learning theory, the instructional process, and professional standards and methodologies. The professional development program in teacher education helps educators to apply learning theories in their own classroom and also teaches teachers how to enhance their instructional design. Teachers are encouraged to be involved in professional development and student assessment as well.

Extracurricular and Community Learning Extracurricular Learning is a vital element for any educational system. It involves involvement of students outside of the classroom; teachers get to know students outside of the classroom through various extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, drama clubs, after school clubs and more. The professional development aspect of extracurricular and community learning includes instructional design, instructional technology, and school year and field trips.