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    Maths and English Tutoring During Covid 19 – the Zoom Classroom

    Remote Tutoring


    Both online and remote tutoring facilitate tuition with the use of the latest computer technologies. Though the terms remote and online are often used interchangeably; in the world of education, define remote tutoring to be any type of teaching that takes place outside the classroom where the teacher and students are located. Private tutors also offer tutoring services at various locations across the country. Schools, colleges and universities also have their private tutoring service or section.


    Online Tutoring Service


    Today, almost every college and school have its online tutor service or section, which enables students to obtain help for various subjects such as mathematics, English and other subjects like science etc. Online tutors are qualified teachers who have their qualification recognized by different education bodies including local, state and national boards. There are many reasons for online tutors and the most common are to cater to the requirements of working adults who cannot get time to join in class or attend the weekend classes.


    Private Tutors


    Online private tutoring also aims at developing social interaction between students and teachers alike. In today’s age social networking has become very important and there are numerous websites on the internet that enable people to interact with each other no matter where they may be located. This interactive nature of online private tutoring makes it possible for students to get help from their peers for various subjects such as English, math, chemistry, biology, physics etc. This kind of private tutoring is available in almost every part of the country and most reputed private tutoring agencies provide tuition services.