12-Sheet Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver: Preserve and Hang Your Jigsaw Masterpiece Without Hassle – Easily Frame Most Boards With a Strong Adhesive That Lasts

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CREATE A PERMANENT PICTURE PRESENTATION: The super-adhesive sticker keeps the pieces intact forever.
HANGERS WORK WONDERS: Our sealer can keep your masterpiece in perfect position for as long as you need.
STRIP IN A SNAP: The adhesives come off very easy without ever coming apart or curling.

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Product Description

Keep Your Puzzle Pristine

In the past, seeking to frame a puzzle meant a whole lot of puzzle glue and a messy
application that may do more harm than good…

Or it meant constant struggles with low-quality adhesives and poorly designed

Now, the Puzzle Saver offers you the whole lot you want to preserve your
masterpiece in pristine condition and share it with the world.

Adhesive That In point of fact Sticks: There is nothing more embarrassing than
watching as your hanging puzzle sheet slowly falls out of its adhesive and
crashes to the ground – with predictable results. Our adhesive is way more
durable, allowing you to steer clear of this looming disaster so common to puzzle storage.

One Person Is All You Need: Unless your puzzle is massive, our
system makes it easy for one person to apply the sheets, hang the board, and
get your favorite puzzle into ship shape to be presented wherever you would like.
The whole process takes not up to 10 minutes, and the result is an eye-
pleasing puzzle that may even take a couple of bumps and not using a problem.

Double The Sheets: Most puzzle preservers come with just six sheets,
which limits the size of the puzzle you’ll store to around 1,000 pieces. For
the true puzzle aficionado, our kit comes with a full 12 sheets, which offers you
enough room to store all but essentially the most unwieldy creations.

Guaranteed For Life: You read right. Must anything go fallacious with
your Puzzle Saver from aGreatLife, simply contact the seller for a replacement
or refund.

Don’t Let Your Majestic Creation Go To Waste!

Store it in peace of mind with the Puzzle Saver from aGreatLife.

Order this premier puzzle accessory at this time, so the following time you finish an
epic game, you’ll quickly show your accomplishment to all of your friends!
CREATE A PERMANENT PICTURE PRESENTATION: The super-adhesive sticker assists in keeping the pieces intact ceaselessly.
HANGERS WORK WONDERS: Our sealer can keep your masterpiece in absolute best position for so long as you want.
STRIP IN A SNAP: The adhesives come off very easy without ever coming apart or curling.
INCLUDES 12 SHEETS TO SUPPORT LARGER PUZZLES: Now you’ll preserve your 2,000-piece murals.
GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Not working as expected? Return it for a prompt refund or replacement. Want to ensure that your work remains pristine for life? Order this awesome keeper lately!

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