Top Priorities in Private Curriculum


The Arts

In 21st century art classrooms, schools are redefining the unconventional way of being “smart” through art. Research shows that art classes not only help students achieve good grades, but also provide superior social and emotional development, problem solving, cognitive skills, critical thinking, creativity, empathy, innovation, collaboration, leadership, and a variety of skills. Manage your thinking skills. Daniel Pink highlights the benefits of creativity in his groundbreaking book A Whole New Mind, arguing that creative people are truly ready to succeed and dominate the world. Exposure to art or music has been shown to help children in areas such as math and language, while improving intelligence, attention, and memory. “All of these technologies are related to the executive function of the brain, including cognitive processes such as planning, problem solving, memory and attention,” he explained. Sylvain Moreno, Chief Scientist, Bakerest Brain Fitness Center. In Toronto. Are you training your brain? Arts: Many private schools create and perform Broadway-style musicals and dance under the guidance of experienced, historical, community, literary, formative and artistic professionals. The science. Private schools offer a wide range of programs in music, theater, dance, visual and digital arts, equipping students with a wide range of skills and abilities necessary for academic and practical success. They recognize the value of arts education. rectal. With specialized art schools offering contemporary programs throughout the year, and public schools in which art is an integral part of the curriculum, this school provides art students and non-art students with the opportunity to unleash hidden talents and interests. .. also



Science & Technology

Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, many private schools have become digital innovators. Classes are complemented by smart or interactive whiteboards. Teachers use social media, blogs and wikis to work in groups and foster collaboration. Schools have found ways to prevent distraction by using smartphones in the learning process. Even the iPad is used in kindergarten for teaching academic and social skills. Video: School Technology-iPad Mildred Private School in St. Petersburg has sufficient funds and is ready for the development and application of new technologies by students. E-Learning Consortium. This consortium is a partnership of Canadian independent schools offering a variety of online courses including business management, economic value, earth and space sciences, AP Mandarin and many more. “Technology encourages creative learning and is applicable to all types of students. Cooperation and cooperation ”. “Students,” Monette said. “The skills acquired through e-learning are invaluable and include time management, independent learning, collaboration and collaboration.” To take skills to the next level, private schools are working on collaborative robots, including interactive and innovative online physics lab software. class. Offers training programs. This is the best opportunity to learn. For example, 5th grade students at Trafalgar Castle School in Whitby, Ontario participate in a robotics program and work together as a team to solve problems. Design and build robots. Younger students use Lego blocks to create tiny robots, and students can compete in the annual robotics competition. In this competition, you must win sponsorship, develop your team’s name and brand, and develop a working robot.




Today’s digitally savvy young people often don’t think of nature. A natural scarcity is manifested in more time being devoted to video games, smartphones, computers and televisions. It is a term coined by Richard Louv, a writer and environmental activist, that associates the behavior problems of young people with a lack of contact with the outside world. Across Canada, they have played an important role in teaching environmental education. Many people know that in order to protect the environment and ensure sustainability, we first need to help build a true relationship with nature. This has made off-campus and hands-on learning programs increasingly popular. In private schools with rich screens, kids can enjoy outdoor activities that are unusual in everyday life, from dog sledding adventures to night camps and public parks. “With this type of program, we’re trying to make kids feel mystical,” said Grant Linney, former chairman and field instructor at the Ontario Council of Outdoor Education. “We are trying to make them understand that there is something more than us, and that this world is not the only one. There is something to be respected and protected. This means we cannot. With the help of tutorials. In addition to making connections easier, outdoor education is very important. important for the overall well-being of students. Ultimately, environmental education will invest in the future of our youth and the Earth … Visit Waldorf Halfton School in Burlington, Ontario, where light meals are taught, a room called Waste Warriors Group.



The school’s responsibilities include not only teaching, but also teaching healthy students. The doctor said so. As a psychologist and mental health advocate, Adam Cox plays an important role in maintaining school health. Health and well-being are priorities in schools today because stress, anxiety and depression among North American youth have increased significantly, and there are many well-known cases of suicide and abuse. While many factors, such as genetics and biology, contribute to mental health problems, environmental influences, including increased pressure to succeed and adapt, affect many young people. Expanded to comprehensive health and wellness programs, counseling services, and mental health resources to help students gain support, cope, and succeed. A focus on prevention can increase self-confidence, self-awareness and private school participation in learning and well-being. Yana-Lynn Keynes recognizes and accepts the fact that “children and young people suffer from the same emotional, social and mental health problems as adults. Without adequate support, this is academic. It can have a profound impact on your life experience. ” “” Yana-Lynn Kane said. .., a school psychologist and counselor at the Randall Academy in Calgary, Alberta. Many private schools also provide opportunities for students to find their purpose in life. Cox is the key to a happy and balanced child. No longer tackling stress, anxiety and other mental health issues, it helps students deal with the stress they experience in places where they empower themselves. According to the doctor. Working with public and private schools in North America, Cox encourages volunteers at cancer hospitals to engage students in specific projects and learning opportunities. This is a new approach to help you find it.